Frequently asked questions to help you quickly understand AudioCodes Live for Microsoft Teams.

We strongly recommend that you read these questions and answers to accelerate troubleshooting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Live Essentials on Azure and the customized Live services?

Live Essentials on Azure is a full SaaS offer via marketplace that enables customers to get started quickly by subscribing to a standard direct routing SBC configuration. More advanced options are possible when tailoring Live Essentials specific to customer needs. A customized offer is based on a discovery session held by one of our consultants that maps the full needs and visions of the customer.

Additionally, Live Pro and Live Premium services are available through customized discussions, and are not available via marketplace.

What is a managed SBC as part of Live Essentials?

SBC stands for Session Border Controller. An SBC is a device, either Physical or Virtual that works in a similar way to an Internet Router, only it routes calls. To provide Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams you must have an SBC. Managed SBC means that AudioCodes will install and operate the SBC for the customer.

What is Microsoft Teams Direct Routing / BYOC Flexibility?

Direct Routing allows you to connect Microsoft Teams to your preferred telephony provider for voice calls, rather than using Microsoft Calling Plans. This flexibility allows you to take advantage of cheaper call rates, maintain existing telephony provider relationships and/or integrate with your existing phone system(s). Direct Routing is implemented with an AudioCodes certified SBC and it allows you to connect Microsoft Teams to an existing telephony network it is also referred to as BYOC (Bring your own Carrier).

What Microsoft licenses do I need in order to leverage AudioCodes Live?

For Microsoft 365 Enterprise customers who are currently using E1 or E3 licenses, you have two options:

  • Add “Phone System License” to each E1/E3 subscriber for which you want to enable AudioCodes Live Direct Routing.
  • Step up to E5 license which includes the “Phone System License”

For Microsoft 365 Business customers (organizations of 300 seats or under) who are currently using Microsoft 365 Business Basic, Standard or Premium licenses you will need to add the Microsoft 365 Business Voice (without calling plan) license to each subscriber for which you want to enable AudioCodes Live Direct Routing.

What additional benefit does Live Pro give me?

With Live Pro your IT professionals will get access to a web portal that will allow them to manage the full life-cycle of employees, including moves/adds/changes/deletions.  As part of Live Pro you will get your tenant policies configured and the tenant health monitored and periodic updates to give you an executive view of all you need to know.

What is included in the Live Premium service on top of Live Essentials and Pro?

Live Premium is the full package that give you a fully managed services that includes integration with your on-premises equipment, like legacy PBX/UC systems, analog extensions like faxes or emergency phones, as well as installation and integration of products in your branches (globally). In addition, with Live Premium you will get support in considering your data and WiFi networks aspects as related to Microsoft Teams, and have the peace of mind with a single support hotline that will help and guide you through any operational aspects related to the AudioCodes solution.

What do I get with unlimited calling as part of AudioCodes Live?

Well, you get unlimited calling in USA and Canada, as well as the ability to call internationally and get charged only for what you called. In addition, you can port your existing office phone number (aka DID – Direct Inwards Dialling) so that you don’t need to reprint any business cards or lose touch with you customers and partners. You can also get new DID if you need additional ones on top of what you already have.

What is the committed service duration that I need to sign up for?

AudioCodes Live Essentials on Azure is available with either zero commitment or a committed period of 12 or 36 months.

AudioCodes Live Essentials is available for a committed period of 12 or 36 months.

AudioCodes Live Pro and Premium are available for a committed period of 36 months only.